AmeriSHOWZ Training Events: Why You Need to Be There

What makes AmeriSHOWZ training events different from anything you’ve ever done before? Come see for yourself!

Tens of thousands of people attend these trainings, and they leave excited, inspired, and ready to take their home-based box office opportunity to the next level. With AmeriSHOWZ Training Events occurring regularly, individuals both new and experienced can continue to grow professionally and personally.

AmeriSHOWZ Training Events are scheduled on local, regional and international levels and are designed to provide information for anyone interested in learning more about the AmeriSHOWZ business opportunity. Plus these dynamic events offer valuable support and training for AmeriSHOWZ Independent Box Offices.
Upcoming Training Events:

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Past Training Events:

New York, New York: Gibney Dance Center

(Co-Presented with Mount Tremper Arts at The American Realness Festival)

January 6-8th, 2016, 8pm

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2017 Annual AmeriSHOWZ National Convention

How to start your AmeriSHOWZ team and help them grow and develop, reach their own breakthroughs and work their way to being free as well. That’s what we’re talking about. Moving from success to significance. That’s what’s up! Because that’s what being a leader as an amazing AmeriSHOWZ Independent Box Office actually means.

And that’s what this AmeriSHOWZ Circle of Champions 2017 Event is about. It’s where leaders are born. You'll be learning from world-class AmeriSHOWZ leaders who have done exactly that. We attract the best and brightest people from around the world, who are committed to learning new skills, developing deeper relationships, building stronger belief and implementing proven best-practices.

This year the AmeriSHOWZ Circle of Champions 2017 Event is to be held at the stunning Gibney Dance Center in New York, New York! Yes, exciting NEW YORK! You'll be joined by thousands of dance and performance leaders and company executives from all over the world. We've pulled out all the stops to ensure you receive the most relevant, powerful, and intense programming yet. It's exactly what you need to build and perform in today's changing art market and economy.

Mount Tremper, New York: Mount Tremper Arts
(In Partnership with Mount Tremper Arts Co-presented with Gibney Dance)

November 12th, 2016, 8pm

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This life-changing event will transcend beyond the weekend, creating massive momentum in your business for months to come. This year will also feature breakout sessions where you can take Master Classes in:

• How to Meet People
• Working a Candidate List
• Power Inviting
• The Future of Internal Consumption and Customer-Driven Models
• Making Compelling Presentations
• The Millenial Movement
• Creating Culture
• Promotional Volume and Long-Term Volume
• And more!

Plus, there will be an exhibit hall, networking lunches, a special presentation skills session, an AmeriSHOWZ “tweet-up” and lots of other surprises.

Now if all this sounds like something that’s important to you, then this is the event for you. We've pulled out all the stops to ensure you receive the most relevant, powerful, and intense training yet. It's exactly what you need to build in today's economy.

New York, New York: Martin E. Segal Theatre Center
(In Partnership with PRELUDE 2016)

October 6th, 2016, 6pm

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The information you will gain and relationships that you will build by attending the conference are invaluable. You’ll receive information on how to:

~ Structure your compensation plan
~ Legalize your company
~ Recruit key employees and top-ranking distributors
~ Develop a business model
~ Generate leads
~ Fund your business organization
~ Establish your website and technology platforms
~ Better understand the direct selling industry
~ And, so much more

New York, New York: St. Marks Church
(In Partnership With Danspace's Draftwork Series)

May 14th, 2016, 3pm

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Events play a huge part in your success at AmeriSHOWZ, and nothing is more important than going to our company’s major conventions. Regardless of your tight financial situation, you must find a way to come up with the money and go.

Just to let you know how important it is to go…

I have a policy not to work with anyone in my downline that skips out on the major AmeriSHOWZ conventions. Now you may think that is too strict and rigid, but I have valid reason why. In almost 10 years in AmeriSHOWZ, I have NEVER met anyone that earns over $4,000 USD/month that has NOT gone to AmeriSHOWZ convention.

Everyone who is earning goes, and everyone who does not go, fails to achieve their goals. So if you are skipping out, that means you are not going to succeed. And if you are not going to succeed, then there is no point for me to waste your time or my time to train you. You might as well just give up early and make it easy for both of us!

So if you want to make money in MLM, you must GO!

New York, New York: Judson Church
(In Partnership With Movement Research at Judson Church)

March 7th, 2016, 8pm

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AmeriSHOWZ conventions at the Judson Church in Manhattan, NYC have proven to be life-changing experiences for thousands, and this year’s event will help a new wave of people from all walks of life discover freedom. The 2016 Movement Research at Judson Church is our greatest event ever.

This training program is designed to make you aware of all the new bonus money AmeriSHOWZ has made available. Once you appreciate the income potential of this program, you will want to maximize the payouts for you and your downline!

Brooklyn, New York: Palisades
(In Partnership With Another F*cking Show in January)

January 13th, 2016, 8pm

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Don't miss the AmeriSHOWZ training Event in Brookly, New York at Palisades. The event will be filled with training and important company announcements, along with recognition and promotions for top producers.

Experience the training and motivational messages first-hand from the Co-Founders of AmeriSHOWZ and other company leaders. Celebrate successes with your team and network with thousands of AmeriSHOWZ Independent Box Offices from around the world.